Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easter Fun

Jaden's preschool put together an amazing activity for Easter. We started out in the sanctuary where we sang some fun Easter and worship songs, then they split us up in groups and sent us through an activity circuit. We started out with face painting. Jaden was too scared at first, but after Carter did it (although he smeared it almost immediately) Jaden tried it, too. He asked for a bee.
Next stop was an easter egg hunt!

After that we decorated paper easter eggs, then went to story-time! A lady read a story about Jesus and Palm Sunday.

Next was a game room where they played Simon Says, and played parachute games.

After that they had a snack, and then it was back to the sanctuary for an awesome puppet show!! It was very creative, they had black lights and neon puppets. It was the best puppet show I've ever seen, by far. Very fun activity, the kids were exhausted by the end of it.


Colleen said...

What a fun celebration! Where does Jaden go? I can't remember.

Maynards said...

Fun pictures! I'm glad you had a great Easter. I am really glad you have continued to come to playgroup even though you are in another ward. We would really miss you. You are such a great friend.

The Mitchells said...

Jaden goes to Springs Community Church Preschool, the same one Tyler Bartle goes to.

kendra said...

I love Jaden's blond hair. You have the cutest boys. i'm sorry the babysitting co-op thing is so weird. Seriously NO one calls unless I have to do something that day. Carter would be so easy to babysit. Keep calling me. I really will babysit. Sorry things keep getting messed up.