Friday, May 22, 2009

Prayers and Temples

Temples have been on my mind a lot lately. First of all, my temple recommend expired right after we moved here but with all the moving business it was left expired for far too long, so when I finally did notice it, it was pretty shameful. Then after missing two temple recommend appointments I felt even worse. Once I finally got everything together I felt a renewed commitment. Jeff and I went together shortly after. Since then I seemed to be reminded constantly that more frequent attendance would greatly bless our family.

I loved Elder Scott's talk from General Conference, in which he reminded us to set goals and specific dates for temple attendance ahead of time, then let nothing get in our way. Jeff and I usually just decide randomly that we want to go to the temple that day or the next, we've never tried to make dates.

Last night I attended an activity where Sister Baer, the Denver temple president's wife spoke. She reminded us that we should make regular plans and try to stick to them. She spoke a lot about her daughter who has 7 kids, who goes to the temple once a week while her kids are in school. I want to commit to a new approach myself, to make a date each month to attend the temple and stick to it! With May fast closing we need to do it soon! Its funny, but when you set goals like these the months just fly by!

Another thing I really want to work on is saying morning prayers. I always say prayers at night before I go to bed, but I've never been good at remembering first thing in the morning when there is so much ahead of me. When I do say a prayer in the morning I always pray that I won't raise my voice so much that day. I find that I remember that morning prayer throughout the day when I start feeling frustrated. Hey, its a start, although I'm sure I'll never be the most soft-spoken mom. Sigh.

I know this isn't the most interesting post, but I'm hoping writing this down will help me to remember my new goals. Wish me luck!


Colleen said...

I agree, writing it down really helps! I love those goals! I was inspired by Sis. Baer's talk too...I need to go more so I need to make a plan!

my3suns2 said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It was a good reminder for me!
Jacquie Eldredge