Friday, February 12, 2010

My Valentine

I was about to buy a Valentine's Day card for my husband the other day but then I happened to look at the price on the back of the one I picked out. It was over $7! So call me cheap, but I put the card back and decided to write something myself.

10 things I LOVE about my husband:
He comforts me when I'm sad
He's a great father
He builds me up and always tells me I'm beautiful
He's in tune to my emotions
He makes me laugh
He supports me when I feel overwhelmed
We enjoy most of the same activities
We work together on finances
We rarely argue, but when we do, it is with respect and quickly followed by an apology and then forgotten
He is unselfish
He is generous
He is self reliant
He is a hard worker
He loves me always

Okay, that was more than 10 things, but what can I say? My husband is the best!

I'll never forget the first time we went snowboarding when we were dating. I was a little apprehensive about going because I knew it was gonna be difficult to learn and I didn't want to ruin the day for Jeff. He had just told me the day before that he loved me for the first time. I knew the next day would show me just how much he loved me!

I hadn't told him I loved him that night, but I couldn't keep from telling him the next day because he was unbelievably patient and sweet. I was falling all over the mountain while he waited giving instructions. I felt clumsy and silly but he just kept telling me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me. I'll never forget him climbing up the mountain to give me a kiss and wipe all the snow off my face after I had wiped out after only boarding a few feet. It takes a lot of patience to spend an entire day waiting for someone to take over an hour to go down the bunny slope each time. Not much fun. I'll never forget how he treated me that day.

Another favorite memory of mine happened very recently. Shortly after Addison was born I suddenly felt very overwhelmed and exhausted. He found me crying on the couch. After I explained why I was crying he suggested I lay down for a nap and he watch the kids. He tenderly helped me upstairs and tucked me in bed. It seems a simple thing, but the compassion and love he showed me with that simple act spoke volumes. I will remember that day for a long time.

At church today it was Ward Conference and the Stake President talked a lot about marriage. All I could think about was how wonderful mine is.


Maynards said...

That was a really cute post. I am glad you are so much in love!

shaina said...

Very sweet. I think I just fell a little bit in love with him myself. lol.

Colleen said...

What a blessing to have such a wonderful partner for eternity! I am so glad you two found each other out there in the big world!