Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Pee-pee in the Potty

Carter is finally potty trained! After several failed attempts since last summer I decided that what he needed now was consistency. He started telling us throughout the day, even while in the car and at stores that he needed to use the potty so we gave it another shot and just stuck with it. He had a few accidents but I reminded myself that he would learn from it better if I kept underwear on him than if he was constantly changing from underwear back to diapers. I put a change of clothes in my diaper bag and crossed my fingers every time I left the house. Luckily we only had two accidents while not at home.

To help him remember that we was wearing underwear and not a diaper I let him leave his pants off. I realize this is a little white trash but I figured it was ok since we didn't leave the house this way and it was just until he could go a full day without accidents:

He is still so small that using the potty is quite a process for him. First he has to climb on the toilet to turn on the light:

Then he has to bring the stool to the toilet:

And Bingo! He always looks like he's falling in but he doesn't want to use his little boy seat and assures me he isn't getting his bum wet. I guess that would just be adding another step anyway.
Every time he used the potty he got to put a sticker on his potty chart, and when he went a full day without accidents a few days later we took him out for ice cream. We haven't had an accident since! Yeah! I feel pretty proud of myself considering we did all this only a few weeks after Addison was born. I was a super mom for a few days. Hmm. That part didn't last long. :)

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Maynards said...

New baby sister and potty trained! Big steps for a little boy. I love the first picture, it made me laugh.