Friday, June 11, 2010

Camping at Montaine

Monday morning we woke up bright and early, finished the final preparations, packed the van, and drove out to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Jeff did the research on the location and boy did he pick a beautiful spot, Montaine Campground. It was rated #1 out of 50 locations on a web site he found and we were not disappointed. Everything was super green with spring, and almost everywhere you looked was a beautiful view. This was the view when we looked outside our tent:
We think we must have gotten the most beautiful spot in the campground:

The boys loved being free to run around outside all day. They were endlessly entertained by the bugs, rocks and sticks, and all the unique family time:

They also loved seeing all the wildlife up close (I learned those are elk not deer):

Here we have Jeff showing off our awesome skewers! With an extra long handle and two prongs for multiple marshmallows or hot dogs they couldn't be better! They were a little pricey at $4 each at Walmart, but they were well worth it.

Making smores always scores!

Here is the Mitchell Family version, ain't it beautiful?

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