Saturday, June 5, 2010


Foot: I started wearing my regular running shoes (I was wearing my Five Fingers shoes when I injured my foot) 24hours a day because I noticed my foot hurt less that way. Now I barely feel anything. I'll keep at it for a few days more before I let myself wear cute shoes again just to be sure. But I've been able to continue my training so I'm encouraged by that. Looks like it was nothing a blessing couldn't heal!!

Diet: I've been on the diet for six weeks now. I've had a few challenges along the way (eating at someone's house, i.e. BBQs) that have put major temptation in my path. But I enjoy my little indulgences and go right back to my normal eating habits. Right now I am planning a camping trip and that will be a challenge also. Jeff will want to eat really yummy, fun and easily portable food, and I want to eat healthy, fresh food. When the junk food is right in front of me I rarely say no so this will definitely be hard. Especially since one little push at this point and I feel like I will fall off the wagon. I go back and forth, should I just enjoy my camping trip and eat what the family wants to eat or stick to my guns and make my diet work in the wild. Considering all it took to push me over the edge last night was to DRIVE BY Baskin Robbins to make me stop and order not a kid's scoop, not a single scoop but a double scoop of ice cream makes me think I do not have the will power to last four days surrounded by unhealthy food choices. Sigh. My strength may fail me, but I'll just need to keep going once I get home. All that said, I have lost 15 pounds! So I'm almost halfway done. :)


Colleen said...

Congratulations Margaret! 15 pounds is awesome! I was talking with Adri the other day and she said she recently saw you and you looked so great. I am sure you feel fantastic too. So do you think the 5 finger shoes were a source of the injury? Just curious still about those shoes!

Hans and Michelle said...

Way to go!! Want to do something this week?

Drift Away Day Spa said...

photos of the 5-toe shoe-thing?