Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is a double convection oven I found on Craigslist yesterday, listed for $650, which retails for $1900 new!

I was so excited! I emailed the guy immediately and left a message on his voicemail. I was waiting around anxiously all day for a call back, because the last stove we were interested in on Craigslist was sold before we could go see it. The only time my cell phone rang was when I was on my dad's cell phone with my State Farm agent going over her insurance quote for our house. I went to see who was calling on the caller ID and it said "Shaina Nunnelly". I didn't want to interupt the call with my insurance agent because we needed to get this done pronto to close on escrow so I planned on calling her back later.

As soon as I hung up I went to explain to Jeff our insurance options. While we were talking about that he said we should make dinner for my parents because my Dad was sick (he does all the cooking). So we made a quick dinner, cleaned up....then I checked my message. Turns out the call was NOT from Shaina, it was from the guy I had called about the oven! My new phone has done this a couple times, where caller ID says its my Dad, when its really my realtor, etc. Its a little confusing and annoying. I'm still surprised every time.

So now its an hour later as I call the Craigslist guy back. I leave another message and wait. Finally I send him a text message asking if we can go see the oven the next day. He sends me a text back saying he just sold it!!!! Arghh!!! I am still so mad! My stupid phone cost me a really great stove! Its is just so frustrating, I probably won't find another deal like this. The oven is the most important appliance to me that we have to buy. I've had too many bad ovens that make my food turn out terrible. And now that I've seen what I missed I won't be easily satisfied with less, ya know? This all happened last night and I am still fuming.


Colleen said...

So sorry Margaret! What a bummer! Do you want me to say it was an ugly, terrible stove to make you feel better (even if it wasn't ;))? Another good one will come up, Craigslist is a treasure trove!

shaina said...

If I say I'll never call you again..and you should answer ALL calls from Shaina Nunnelly...because they won't be me...maybe you'll find another rockin' deal on a stove. So sorry! By the way, I wouldn't have answered the call either! Some phone calls you can't just say "hang on...I'm switching over".

Hope you find another amazing deal. Keep lookin! Just like your house...something better is around the corner.

Trinette McCrary said...

Good luck on finding what you need for the house. I know it can be frustrating, expecially when you don't want to spend a lot of money