Saturday, March 28, 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

I've been stuck at home with various illnesses in the family for a week now. At first I was my normal self, trying to make the best of it. After I recovered from a nasty bout of food poisoning I straightened up the whole house, did four hours of much needed spring cleaning and then made myself presentable again. I continued like this for a couple days, thinking the next day Carter would be better. Now on day seven here I am still in the pajamas I've been wearing since yesterday (which are now pretty much covered in hair after Jeff's hair-cut last night), still not showered or dressed by 1pm, despite needing to drop Jaden off at a ward Primary activity.

Yes, I showed up in all my glory, not noticing until I got there that I hadn't even bothered to brush my teeth or put on a bra! The only thing I did to improve my appearance was throw on a pair of sunglasses, feeling very much like someone trying to cover up a hang-over. You would think that by the time I had to pick Jaden up an hour and a half later that I would have regreted my previous slothfulness and taken a shower, at least out of pure shame. But no, I showed up the exact same way AGAIN (still without a bra), toting Carter with no pants on because he'd already gone through two pairs of pants that morning almost immediately after I put them on, and he only had one pair left. I wrapped a blanket around Carter and hoped I could just grab Jaden and slink away as soon as possible, hopefully before I was even seen. But, again, no.

Right when it was time for the activity to be done they herded in the kids to a buffet table full of all kinds of snacks. Jaden was so excited so I had to lead him through the line and let him eat his full, all the while slouching in the corner wishing I would blend in more to the wall. I tried to keep Carter covered up but of course he wandered off at one point dragging his blanket, while someone stared and probably wondered why he was half naked with almost a foot on snow on the ground outside.

Yeah, it was a day to be proud of....

Maybe its time to take and shower, put on a little make-up, and stop feeling sorry for myself for being cooped up. What do you think?

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