Friday, February 13, 2009

I LOVE Normal

Just to update, I had the best most normal day today. The kids were just their everyday selves, really nothing to report, except that I love them VERY much. I had a couple inspirations on some things to do for some friends to cheer them up and that made the day extra special. I feel good that I made a couple people smile today.

My parents stayed home while the kids were asleep and I went for a quick little run (ok, maybe not quick, but just short), and even though it got pretty cold it felt GREAT! I love being able to get away for even just a little while and have some "alone time".

There was no dangerous medicine medling, no cracked walls (or heads!), and even no fits! Amazing!

And tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I'm going to help watch about 24 of my friends' kids so they can spend some quality time with their spouses. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm really excited!


Colleen said...

Yay! Normal is great! You are such a great friend, using your spare time to cheer others up!

shaina said...

Normal is good!! Yeah. Not only that, you were still thinking of others. You are a cool person.
Thanks for helping Colleen with the kid party!

D said...

Wow! I'm so glad Carter is doing better and you are getting breaks.

Congrats on your gorgeous house! I am totally jealous! And totally happy for you, of course.

the Roberts said...

you guys are so busy. Sorry to hear about all the sickies.

kendra said...

This post makes me want to say THANK YOU again for taking care of me and my family. Playing with the kids, bringing dinner. Really thanks! And thanks again for making Valentines awesome too!