Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Scott

My sister, Juli, had her baby! He was born two months early, surprise! He came on February 9th at 4:03 PM, 4 lbs 3.4 oz, 17.5 inches. He is doing great, and even better every time they do a check-up. He will have to remain in the NICU at the St. Thomas Hospital for probably four weeks.

Everything came as a surprise to everyone. The pregnancy seemed to be doing fine, Juli was experiencing some cramping and what she perceived to be incontinence, but nothing that seemed off course. Then Monday, her cramping seemed to be intensifying, still she just thought it was Braxton Hicks contractions. She called her midwife who told her to check into the clinic just to be safe. Reluctantly she did, but not until she ran a few errands that had to be done that day. She didn't tell Will because she knew he was busy with work and didn't want to cause any unnecessary alarm. She figured she'd just tell him about it after she got home.

When she got to the clinic in St. John she was 4 centimeters dialated, and the contractions were progressing quickly. They tried to give her some medecine to slow it down but to no avail. The realized now that her water must have broke about a week earlier (it leaked slowly so she just thought she was peeing herself!) They shipped her over to St. Thomas and she had to work hard not to have the baby in the boat or ambulance! Once they allowed her to push, the delivery was over in 10 minutes. Will barely had time to wash his hands to be there for the birth. Congratulations Juli and Will!


shaina said...

Oh, I hope he is doing well!! does that mean you will still be taking a trip over in April?

annjeanette said...

Oh my goodness! How scary that he came early on his own! I hope that he'll continue to do great! I love the name Scott. If we ever have another boy (which with our track record may not be possible) we're naming him Scott Austin. Scott is my mom's maiden name, Austin is Sam's mom's maiden name. Anyway, that was a long story to tell you congratulations on becoming an aunt! Hope Juli is doing well. Are you going to be able to see her soon?