Friday, February 6, 2009

Ovens, Refrigerators, and Cell Phones

So I bought an oven. Not as cool as the one I really wanted, but still a great deal. We had to drive out to Denver to get it, but the nice lady who sold it to me took $150 less than what she was asking so it was definitely worth the trip! This appliance is the one I care the most about so I'm relieved that that purchase is done. Now all we need is an electric dryer, an over the range microwave, and I would love a stainless/black refrigerator.

I was so proud of myself yesterday, I figured out how to list an item for sale on Craigslist all by myself, with pictures even! (Which is REALLY easy, by the way, but I just always leave that stuff for Jeff to do just because he's better at it. Until yesterday, I'm ashamed to admit I had never even uploaded pictures off the camera to the computer before!!) I'm having trouble convincing Jeff that we need a stainless/black refrigerator to match our new kitchen, so I figured if we could sell our current fridge for a good price first, he wouldn't need as much convincing. So if anyone wants a great fridge we're selling ours for $800.

I was excited when I received an email asking if it was still available just a couple hours later, so I decided I'd better clean it out just in case someone wanted to come by to see it. I had my cell phone in my pocket so I wouldn't miss any calls, and I spent probably an hour making it spotless. Just as I was finishing up, something fell into the bowl of soapy water. What would it be, except my brand new phone? Yep, the only cool phone I've ever had, that I've only had for a couple weeks. Yeah, I broke it. Nice. It probably commited suicide because it had no more self-worth after the whole oven thing. I shouldn't have bad-mouthed it so much, cuz right now I sure wish it had stuck around longer. Sigh.


annjeanette said...

Great news on the stove! So sorry to hear about your phone. That is a bummer. Sam once spilled coke all over his and once it dried out it worked again. Who knows, maybe your's will work again. Good luck with the fridge (selling & buying!)

shaina said...

awe man!!! So sorry. was a free phone, right?