Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eye of the Storm

Well I got my quiet night. Little did I know it was just the eye of the storm. Carter pretty much slept through the night, only waking once right after I fell asleep. I was so grateful in the morning! Ahhhh. I think the Lord knew I needed a full nights rest for what I was about to face.

Today Carter:
1) smacked his head so hard on a wall that he cracked the wall!!
2) spilled gatorade all over his high-chair tray while I was in the shower, and then smacked the puddle repeatedly until everything within a mile radius was covered
3) had 2 out-of-control-in-a-way-I've-never-seen tantrums that lasted at least 30 minutes each
4) fell off a chair
5) climbed up on the stool, and opened the childrens motrin, spilling and possibly consuming the entire half-empty bottle (yes he has recently figured out the secret to "child proof caps")
6) fell asleep sitting up
7) found and got into my Dad's heart medication Nitroglycerin
8) had a very expensive two hour visit to the Emergency Room

It didn't appear that he had ingested either the nitro nor the Motrin, but when he fell asleep sitting up I called poison control, who told me to take him to the ER. If all of this had happened with the amount of sleep I had yesterday I think I would have had an mental breakdown. But I thank Heavenly Father that my child is still alive and screaming. I didn't even mind the fits so much. And when we were at the hospital he was such an angel he had all the nurses cooing at him. I was afraid he would totally freak out with all the doctors and nurses around him, which he has been prone to do since he had a minor surgery about 6 months ago, but he didn't seem to care at all. I contribute that to all the great, sweet doctors we've seen since we've been here. He just sat in my lap for pretty much the entire two hours and pretended he was a different baby.

So despite my horrible guilt for having all this happen on my watch I am one grateful mommy.


shaina said...

Wow. Hopefully the down slide back to normalicy will be long and happy! What a week for you!

runningfan said...

Sheesh! A week for the record books! Congratulations on surviving. Things HAVE to get better from here!

Trinette McCrary said...

Hang in there sweetie!

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh! What a day! After such a week. I am glad Carter was OK though, that is scary! I once totally OD'ed Luke on some medication he was taking because I misread the lable and realized too late. I LOVE poison control. They are my BFF's!

annjeanette said...

Oh we've all been there! I am glad that he is okay. How scary!