Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bike Ride

I went on an amazing bike ride yesterday. I did the north Santa Fe trail and rode for 70 minutes, so I got more than 5 miles out before I had to turn around and it was so beautiful! After a few miles the trail really opens up and you can see the mountains and all the land around. The weather was perfect, nice and warm and not windy! I have used this trail lots of times but never on a bike so I was never able to go much past the gate to the Air Force Academy. But this time I saw so much more and it was breathtaking. It reminded me why we moved here. It is so beautiful here!

The only down side is my bike is not a mountain bike so I slipped on the dirt a lot and that was scary, plus I saw a snake (shudder). So unfortunately I don't think I'll go this way again, and instead stick to the south going paved road on the other side of Woodmen. I REALLY don't want to fall! It was so beautiful I almost wished I had a mountain bike....but I like my face road-rash-free. Maybe I just need to train for a marathon next so I can run miles out on the trail. Hmm, that's an idea... :)

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Colleen said...

Sounds amazing, I'd run it with you!