Sunday, May 2, 2010


On Sundays I make the whole family take naps because the Sabbath is supposed to be a day of rest. Jaden, who is now five, rarely actually falls asleep anymore and Sunday is usually the only day I actually make him lay down. Well today the whole family actually did fall asleep for a blessed two hours (well all the kids were asleep for two hours, I got about 20 minutes before Addison woke up hungry and then I couldn't fall back asleep). While the house was rarely quiet I enjoyed some time to read the Ensign and a book I've just started. Ahhh. Peace and quiet.

(He actually caught all those fish!)

What I didn't expect to enjoy so much was waking Jaden up. It had been two hours which now meant it was 5 o'clock and I was gonna start dinner soon. When Jaden does sleep he often sleeps a long time. I didn't want him sleeping too long or too close to bedtime so I decided to wake him up. He is a pretty heavy sleeper so its not always an easy or quick thing. I pulled him out of bed and he was so out of it he was kind of resisting not knowing what was going on. He is so big and strong now I almost couldn't get him out of bed! I finally heaved him up into my arms and carried him down the stairs. I could feel him holding in to me and his strength surprised me again. It has been awhile since I've needed to pick him up for anything. I carried him downstairs and sat down on the couch with him. He curled up into my chest like he used to do when he was much littler. As I sat there holding my oldest son who is now barely fitting in my lap as he snuggled into me like he hasn't in years my heart swelled. Here was my first born all legs and arms who struggles when I try to give him hugs, who gets up by himself, gets dressed by himself, puts on his shoes by himself, who almost takes care of himself curled up like the baby he used to be. When he was two he used to love to be snuggled like this for a long time after naps, now I barely get a kiss anymore. And then I could see ten years down the road when he is taller than me, stronger than me, smarter than me (at least he will think he is!), mouthing off to me and hating all the show of love I will want to give him (hopefully not all of it!) and I just hugged him tighter and kissed his head. I tickled him and squeezed him, put my cold hands on him and stole quite a few kisses while he was still willing. I asked him as I often do, "Do you know that I love you?" He answered, "you always do" and I couldn't stop smiling.


Sarah J said...

Okay, blame it on the pregnancy. I totally cried while reading this! What a sweet moment. I can totally relate, too, because my oldest boys are the same way. We moms have to cherish such moments.

The Mitchells said...

So true Sarah!