Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Little Self-Pity

My foot hurts! I love, love, love to run but my body does not. This is an endless source of frustration to me. I am only running TWICE A WEEK right now because I'm training for a triathalon. TWICE A WEEK. No big deal right? My longest run so far has been only 35 minutes. That's IT. And my foot has been hurting for over a week now. I deliberately do not limp on it because I think that caused all kinds of other problems when I fractured the same foot last time. I asked Jeff to give me a blessing last night and I am trying to have the faith to be healed.

At this point I am going to just keep praying and continue my training. I only want to make it to my race. With all the cross training I am doing I am crossing my fingers that I will make it through. It really doesn't hurt that bad, but then again, neither did my stress fracture. I don't care if it is already broken if I can just do my race.

I even bought special shoes that are supposed to strengthen your feet. And I cross train. I haven't trained for a running race in a year. Why does this always happen? Why can some people run 100 miles and not get injured and I can't run 3? I just want to run!!!!


annjeanette said...

Hang in there. It will work out. I love to run too. I wish I had the stamina to train for a race. Sigh.

Maynards said...

Oh man, injuries are the worst, especially with such a love of running. I am sorry.
One thing I learned with all of the training I have done...don't ignore the injuries. As much as you want to just push it harder and ignore it, you need to treat the pain. It will be WAY better in the long run. (no pun intended). Don't push it, fix it, even if it means slowing down a little. Easier said than done.

Hans and Michelle said...

Hey Margaret. Thanks for the call the other day. We need to catch up. I'm so sorry about your foot. I hope you can make it through the triathlon! Good luck!!!