Sunday, June 27, 2010

5 Things I HATE About Walmart

In no particular order:

5. Its always crowded. Trying to navigate the aisles is like trying to make your way through rush hour no matter when you go.

4. The products are not very fresh. I bought a whole bag of onions only to realize they were all rotten when I went to chop them for dinner. The "fresh" kale and lettuce sadly hangs limp over the edge of the shelf.

3. The produce is not well stocked. I don't know how many times I've needed parsley only to find they have none. Seriously?!!! I mean, its PARSLEY, the most commonly used fresh herb there is!!

2. Its too big. If I can stay in one section I'm fine, but if I need something that's located on the other side of the store we're in for a serious trek.

1. The checkers are agonizingly S....L....O....W. 'Nuff said.

Sorry for the grumpiness but I started making dinner last night when I realized that yet another product I bought at Walmart was rotten and I didn't have a replacement. I had to drag the whole troop down there for one thing when I had already spent an hour shopping earlier that same day. The line was long to exchange, which they made me wait in twice. All in all dinner was served right around bed time, and I was starving and exhausted long before it was done. Not such a great night.


Colleen said...

I SO agree with all your points. Especially #5. Seriously slow. I do not enjoy going to Walmart much at all.

Robin said...

Try Sunflower for your produce. I try to hit walmart before 8:00 AM. After that it is just as bad as you say. Where have you been? I've not seen you for a while.

kendra said...

I agree with this post COMPLETELY. Sadly, walmart is all I got here in Mtn. Home... and Cameron wonders why I'm in a bad mood all the time!!

AnneG said...

How about environmentally? I get my sustainable goods here. I'd recommend it. Keeps me happy knowing my kids are safe from toxins.

glenna said...

I ran across your blog when leaving my daughters. I don't know where you are located, but I am an avid cook and our WalMart offers some of the freshest looking and tasting produce in the area. I don't compromise on freshness and would willingly pay more for produce elsewhere should it not be up to par. And their prices can only be beat by the occasional sale at one of the local produce patches.

You should approach the management and see what can be done to remedy the situation. Find out when their deliveries are made, when they are put out, etc. Maybe their refrigeration is lacking. Calls to the management, home office, then corporate will go a long way to getting the attention you deserve when it comes to dissatisfaction. Good Luck.

Tina said...

Good post! So your not a fan of Wal Mart I take it? LOL. I have my good and bad days there... I don't mind the crowds but I do agree with you on wanting things to not break so easily and be fresh!!! -Tina Follow me! :-)