Saturday, March 13, 2010


What a great day today was. I went to our Stake Women's Conference in the morning, even waking up early enough to get everybody ready and out the door in time to drop the boys off at my parents house and still make it the the breakfast at 7:30am. With two kids and a nursing baby, that is quite a feat!

I left that early so I could take the kids to the St. Patrick's Day Parade at noon. It was a last minute decision but its hard to get the kids out because we're often busy with the baby so we stay in a lot lately. The chance to get them out and do something fun for them was too hard to pass up. Besides, I went to most of the conference anyway. When I walked outside and saw the beautiful day that had developed I was soooo glad I didn't spend any more time indoors.

The parade was fun, I got a great parking space, into which I parallel parked like a PRO! It was done in two moves and ten seconds. I should have gotten an award. :) And, it was on two block from Tejon where Jeff was working extra duty. The kids got to watch the parade and check out Daddy's cop car. They got to see the lights and hear the sirens. He even let them climb in the back and showed them how the bad guys couldn't get out once they were put in. (The doors don't open from the inside). Jeff's sister Natalie (who is living with us for awhile) met up with us halfway through the parade and added to the fun family day.

After Jeff got off work we met at Baskin Robbins for ice cream. Surprisingly, all of us had Mint Chocolate Chip for at least one of our scoops except Carter who got Wild and Reckless Sherbet.

When we got home Natalie watched the kids while Jeff slept in preparation for work tonight and I went for a run on the trail behind our house. It was still relatively warm outside, perfect temperature for a run. Almost halfway through my run my Forerunner battery died, which was actually a good thing cuz I stopped thinking about how sluggish pace and just enjoyed the run. On the way back it was all down-hill and about half a mile from my house there was a fox right in the middle of the trail. I'd never even seen fox in real life until we moved here, and I've still only seen one a few times. This one remained in the middle of the trail as I kept my pace steady until I was pretty close, then only moved to side of the trail, still only about six feet away from me. We just stared at each other as I passed. I never knew foxes had such an amazing eye color! It's eyes were a fiery bronze color that matched its fur, it was a beautiful animal. What a surreal moment I won't soon forget. The wind blew gently as I continued down hill and my spirits soared. I returned home exhilirated and uplifted. There are few things better than a really great run.

After the run I made a delicious dinner that I consumed with relish, fed Addison without a bottle, and put her to sleep without much fuss. Ahhhhhh, what a great day. :)


Maynards said...

I am glad you had such a great day. Every mom deserves one of those once in a while. Especially a mom of a newborn. I am so impressed that you went running, it gives me hope that I can be up and running soon after having our little guy.

Colleen said...

I love when the day seems to just be perfect. So great! I am glad everything is going so well with Addison. I know you were worried, what a blessing that it's all been so perfect!

Trinette McCrary said...

Wow, what a fabulous day you had. I love that trail behind your house. Your such a cute mom and you are doing a great job!