Tuesday, March 23, 2010


When I was little I remember always giggling at the dinner table. For some reason my Dad would always get annoyed and tell us to stop. My mom would more often then not be giggling with us. This is what I remember, either from family stories often brought up or from memory, or perhaps both.

History repeats itself. Tonight at the dinner table Carter was so slap-happy it was ridiculous and Jaden couldn't help encouraging him. They both would not stop goofing off and Carter just kept bursting into giggles. Jeff started getting annoyed and we both were trying to get them to settle down and eat their food. It totally brought me back to my childhood. I never understood why my Dad always got so annoyed with us giggling, I mean, we were only laughing, right?

Well here I was on the other end. Only, even though I was a little annoyed, at one point I couldn't help some giggling myself. Carter's laugh is absolutely contagious, and it was just so weird to try to tell our kids to stop laughing.

Finally we had to move Carter to the other table in the kitchen so he could actually eat. Sometimes its so weird to be a parent and after 30 years finally understand something my parents did when I was little.


Maynards said...

That was a cute story. I remember getting the giggles during Sacrament meeting. In fact, sometimes it still happens!

runningfan said...

I can't picture your dad getting cross about laughing!

Colleen said...

Isn't that true?! It's one of those lame things about parenting...you want to join in the giggling, but dinner must be eaten. Great story!