Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strange Noises and Bad Dreams

What is with the noise in my bedroom right now?!!!! Its driving me nuts and probably contributed a lot to the horrible dream I just had. I've heard it before on other windy nights but I don't know what makes it happen exactly because it's always windy here and it only happens occasionally (thank goodness!!). I can only describe it as a deep metallic rumbling. Maybe it's the wind blowing through a drain pipe by my window??? I don't know but it is so creepy!

I woke up at 2am surprised that Addison hadn't woken my up yet. I felt like the breast pain from Mastitis was flaring up again so I got up to take some more Motrin and as I got back into bed I had to check Addison's skin for warmth to assure me she was still alive. I don't think those thoughts contributed well to my sleep after that because I had such disturbing dreams I even dreamed about having them! Included were, waking up to finding Addison on the floor, re-swaddling her while she was making scary-movie-like demon faces at me, hearing weird noises in the house, being chased by a man with a gun who is trying to kill me, etc. At one point I thought I was awake because I was in my room thinking about what bad dreams I was having and how I was getting freaked out but that was when I picked up Addison off the floor and she turned into a demon. Ugh. Now I can't sleep and am afraid of the dark.

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