Saturday, March 13, 2010

Third Time Is a Charm

As I nursed Addison at about 2 AM I kept thinking how easy she is. She sleeps great at night, waking up once around 1 or 2 AM, then again around 5 or 5:30. Not bad for not even two months old! She still sleeps most of the day, getting a little fussy in the late morning and evening as she winds down and falls asleep.

The boys have adjusted well to her, I really don't sense any resentment at all from either of them. They are so sweet to her, they love to kiss her on the nose. Carter likes to snuggle against my arm while I'm nursing and say "I like you, Mom. And I like the baby, too."

The third child has been easier for me to adjust to, also. The first baby is a total life change, so even with an easy child, and even though you just have one to deal with, it's quite an adjustment to make. By the time we had another child I thought I had it all figured out. I quickly realized I that I didn't. Carter was VERY different from Jaden from day one. Plus, I still had Jaden to deal with. For me, having a two year old and a new born was very difficult, especially since Carter was NOT an easy baby. So baby number two was also quite an adjustment, even harder than the first.

Nursing was got progressively harder for me. Jaden and I had a pretty rough start, then, right when we were really in the swing of things my milk dried up and nursing came to an abrupt and unwanted stop. I thought that was bad, but when I started nursing Carter he wouldn't latch on correctly and one of my nipples cracked in half. I didn't realized it until he had blood in his spit-up. Very gross. I tried to get past it but nursing became excruciatingly painful. It was like torture session ten times a day. After two weeks I got Mastitis and it was just all too much pain, so I called it quits.

So when Addison was born I was pretty concerned about getting it right this time. Amazingly, so far so good. I've struggled with producing enough milk, but am on a medication right now that seems to have solved the problem. I am on the fourth day of not needing to give her a bottle at night. Yay! That makes me sooo happy!

I am surprised at how easy it all is this time. So far, anyway. I bonded with Addison right away, nursing is going great, she's sleeping great, the boys love her, we all love her. I guess the third time's a charm!


annjeanette said...

Three was easy for me too. And once you are outnumbered at 3, anything after that is a piece of cake. Ha ha! ;) Glad to hear everything is going a bit smoother for you. She is a cutie!

runningfan said...

I'm happy to hear you've adjusted well! She sure is a cute baby.